Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas - Happy January!

Guess what!

2013 came a little early. It might still be December wherever you are - but in Spring River Valley, it's already January.

You can get your sneak peak today. For December 25th and 26th JILTED IN JANUARY will be available FREE at AMAZON.COM!

Get your copy HERE!

Harper Shaw is certain she’ll never live down her reputation as the jilted bride after her fiancĂ© bails on the wedding and decides to go on the honeymoon by himself.

Grant Addison’s career depends on saving the failing catering hall where Harper’s wedding was supposed to be held. He can’t return her deposit money to her, but his business proposal could help them both stay out of the red.

Their unlikely partnership heats up the cold winter nights in Spring River Valley, and leads them to discover January just might be hottest month of the year.

Spend the year with me in Spring River Valley!

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