Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Release!

Okay, so a year in Spring River Valley really only takes 11 months...

Now Available!

Cassie and James's story

Caterer and part-time matchmaker Cassandra Hall has introduced half a dozen happy couples, but she hasn’t been able to find true love for herself.
She’s carried a torch for James Galloway since he broke up with her after enlisting in the army. After five years in the service, he’s finally coming home for good, and he wants the girl he left behind, but he knows he has no right to ask her to take him back after all this time.
How can he convince her that his desire for her never waned and he wants her by his side forever?
You can get your copy at:
yes, it is also already available for NOOK at
Once you've finished the book - you can come back here and vote in the poll. I want to know who you want to get married next year in A WEDDING IN DECEMBER.
Stay tuned for updates!

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