Thursday, June 14, 2012

I wish...

...growing a story was as easy as growing string beans.

Aren't these cute? They look enormous but they're really very small, baby string beans. I'm excited about them because I have a notorious brown thumb, Seriously, I can't grow mold on old bread. But I have a fantasy of someday having a gorgeous vegetable garden. This year, I decided to grow some plants in pots because the groundhogs and the squirrels around here are pretty bad ass. They eat anything! Not to mention the gosh darn rabbits. I have to grow my plants on a sunny corner of the deck unless I want to build a fenced in enclosure, which I don't have the money, time, or expertise to do.

Right now, I have two pepper plants that are barely hanging on, one basil plant that looks more like a sponge, some flowers that are mostly drowning because of all the rain we've had here, my lemon tree - which is about three years old and doing pretty well, and then I have my stringbeans. If I'm lucky, eventually I'll get enough beans for one serving...but I don't care. They're my stringbeans and I'm proud of them.

Along the same lines, I'm trying to grow story #4 of my series - basically in a container between #3 and #5, which are both finished. I skipped 4 a while ago because the plot wasn't working, so now I'm trying to tease it out of the dry soil of my brain. It's not easy. The string beans are doing better, but I'll persevere.

On the upside, #1, #2 and #3 are edited and ALL of my covers are done!

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